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MVS Fall Track

MVS Fall Coaching sessions continue Tuesday morning as well as Tuesday and Wednesday evening sessions. The Montessori program is on Thursday night.

See all the details and start registration here: Sign up for Coaching

MVS Pub Run

If it is September, then it must be SeptOberfest time!  This week's Pub Run is at Jaime's on Thursday.  See you there at 6:30PM. 

MVS Hosted Run Saturday 9/20 8:00 AM

Sandy Alicia will host this week's run from 16 Saint Mary's Lane, Salem, NH.   Bring a post-run treat, and enjoy the miles with running buds!


What MVS Did

MVS Super Iron Runner Series Double Header, Part 1

Lobster Dash, Saturday September 13, 2014

Lobster Dash 2014

A large MVS contingent (40-50 MVS'ers!) churned up Ogunquit Beach this past weekend at the Lobster Dash.  It was a great showing of MVS colors!  Congratulations to award winners listed below! 

The party after the race at Charlie's new home, and Dave's famous fish chowder, made it a win-win for MVS.

                             AGE-GROUP RESULTS
                        Ogunquit Beach Lobster Dash
                           Ogunquit, ME, 9/13/14

          ------------ MALE TEENS CATEGORY (1 to 19) ------------

     Place    Name              Age     City       St Time
    2       MAXIM FREDERICKS     17 N ANDOVER       MA   44:35

       ------------ FEMALE FORTIES CATEGORY (40 to 49) ------------

     Place    Name              Age     City       St Time
    2       MINDY BOLTON         43 HAVERHILL       MA   42:39

       ------------ FEMALE FIFTIES CATEGORY (50 to 59) ------------

     Place    Name              Age     City       St Time
    3       DIANE JANNETTI       57 ANDOVER         MA   42:12

        ------------ MALE SIXTIES CATEGORY (60 to 69) ------------

     Place    Name              Age     City       St Time
    2       JOHN DELMONTE        63 METHUEN         MA   36:41

       ------------ MALE SEVENTIES CATEGORY (80 to 99) ------------

     Place    Name              Age     City       St Time
    1       LOU PETERS           89 METHUEN         MA 1:38:39


Thanks to Mindy Bolton for sharing her stylized images on Facebook.

As a bonus, check Inspiration Station below for a video of the start of the 2012 race.  Fast forward to 2:30 to see most of MVS at the start.

Inspiratiion Inspiration Station

Do you need a little inspiration? Periodically we'll post a video that just might give you the boost you need to get out the door and do your next workout. Many selections will feature well know athletes, some will tell inspiring stories, and some might just make you giggle.  If you have a suggestion for a featured video, send it along to mvsinspiration@gmail.com


THIS WEEK'S OFFERING: Lobster Dash 2012

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