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MVS Fall Track

The last Tuesday morning session will be held this week as planned due to diminishing daylight.  Tuesday and Wednesday evening sessions are held at 6:00PM. The Montessori program is on Thursday night at 6:00 pm as well.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to warm up prior to the workout.

Read this week's workout details here: This Week At Track

See all the details and start registration here: Sign up for Coaching

Whirlaway Fall Ladies Night Wednesday 10/15

Whirlaway is hosting Ladies Night this Wednesday, 10/15 from 5-8PM.  Prizes for the first 50 registered.  See the details here: Whirlaway for MVS

MVS Pub Run

If it is October, then it must be SeptOberfest time!  This week's Pub Run is at Jaime's on Thursday.  See you there at 6:30PM. 

MVS Super Iron Runner Series Race #11 Saturday 10/18 at 9:30 AM

The next MVS Super Iron Runner Series is the Knights on the Run 5K at North Andover High School.   Pick your MVS singlet out of the laundry basket, and come on down for a strong MVS showing at this fun little race in our own back yard.  See the calendar listing for more details.

MVS Walk to 5K Training Program Sunday 10/19 at 8:00 AM

Join Lisa Plume and her team to help mentor new runners as they prepare for this year's Feaster Five.  Meet us at Starbuck's in Downtown Andover.

MVS in Action


#wefinishtogether 1

Kim Garrard Stemple sought moral support from her circle of friends to help motivate her and others battling health challenges.  Kim created a Facebook conversation #wefinishtogether with the simple request to have MVS runners share their medals to provide tangible proof of support from a community she cares about.  Kim says, "Shared Medal = Shared Strength, it really does matter." 

#wefinishtogether 2

MVS has showered Kim with medals, giving her courage and strength.  Despite her challenges, she has managed to participate and compete is several races.  Kim is an inspiration to all of us.  We are flattered that our small contribution has powered Kim's amazing triumph over adversity.

Where in the World

MVS in Anguilla

Lana and Chris in Anguilla

Newlyweds Lana and Chris proudly display MVS colors on the beautiful Caribbean beach in Anguilla while on their honeymoon in October 2014.   Congratulations!

Inspiratiion Inspiration Station

Do you need a little inspiration? Periodically we'll post a video that just might give you the boost you need to get out the door and do your next workout. Many selections will feature well know athletes, some will tell inspiring stories, and some might just make you giggle.  If you have a suggestion for a featured video, send it along to


THIS WEEK'S OFFERING: Lobster Dash 2012

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