What MVS Does This Week

MVS Fall Track

MVS Fall Coaching sessions continue Tuesday morning as well as Tuesday and Wednesday evening sessions. The Montessori program is on Thursday night.

See all the details and start registration here: Sign up for Coaching

MVS Pub Run

If it is September, then it must be SeptOberfest time!  This week's Pub Run is at Jaime's on Thursday.  See you there at 6:30PM. 

MVS Hosted Run Saturday, September 6 at 8:00 AM 

Mindy Bolton will host this week's run from Ingaldsby Farms, 14 Washington St, Boxford MA.  Come join us for a pleasant run on country roads.

See our Hosted Runs page for more info.

MVS Family Bereavements

Our thoughts and prayers go out to MVS members who recently lost loved ones from their extended family.

George Massey, Scott Massey's father, passed away August 25, and his funeral was on Friday 8/29.  See his Obituary for more details.

Joseph S. Pappalardo, Al Pappalardo's father, passed away August 28.  The wake will be at Cautadella Funeral Home on Monday 9/1, and funeral service Tuesday 9/2.  See the Obituary for more details.

Please offer your personal condolences to Scott and Al in any way you can.


What MVS Did

MVS at  GMAA  Labor Day 15K

Liz and Bob at GMAA 15K 

Liz and Bob made the trek up to South Burlington VT to run the next USATF-NE Grand Prix ( and MVS Super Iron Runner Series) Race.  Great job, both of you!  Happy Birthday Bob!

Inspiratiion Inspiration Station

Do you need a little inspiration? Periodically we'll post a video that just might give you the boost you need to get out the door and do your next workout. Many selections will feature well know athletes, some will tell inspiring stories, and some might just make you giggle.  If you have a suggestion for a featured video, send it along to mvsinspiration@gmail.com



MVSinspiration Playlist