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MVS Fall Track

MVS Fall Coaching sessions continue Tuesday morning as well as Tuesday and Wednesday evening sessions. The Montessori program is on Thursday night.

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MVS Pub Run

If it is September, then it must be SeptOberfest time!  This week's Pub Run is at Jaime's on Thursday.  See you there at 6:30PM. 

MVS Hosted Run Saturday 10/4 at 8:00 AM

Robin Kantner and Chuck McAllister host this week's run on the Bay State Marathon course.  Meet up at the UMass Lowell Boathouse in Lowell MA. at 8:00am Saturday morning and enjoy a Bay State tune up run.

MVS in Action

MVS Honors Decades Birthdays at MVS General Meeting

September 24, 2014

Decades Birthday Honorees 

MVS honored members who reached a new decade in 2014 during the September General Meeting.  Many people enter a new running age group this year, great inspiration to achieve new personal records.

The collage above shows MVS' most senior decade birthday honorees.  Congratulations  to 70 year olds Julia Hsia, Leo St.Louis, and Charlie Farrington.  And also, congratulations to the amazing Lou Peters who is still running at 90 years of age!


Inspiratiion Inspiration Station

Do you need a little inspiration? Periodically we'll post a video that just might give you the boost you need to get out the door and do your next workout. Many selections will feature well know athletes, some will tell inspiring stories, and some might just make you giggle.  If you have a suggestion for a featured video, send it along to


THIS WEEK'S OFFERING: Lobster Dash 2012

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