This Week with MVS

October General Meeting, Wednesday 10/29 @ 7:30PM

Come join us at Salvatore's for this month's General Membership Meeting.   Free pizza, as always will be served prior to the meeting.  We will be catching up on many fall race performances, and also may have a Pillar Committee Job Fair to help members see if they can ply their skills, creativity, and enthusiasm to a committee to make our club even better.

And, most importantly, we will learn the latest on Feaster Five as we count down to race day in about 4 weeks.

MVS Fall Track

Tuesday and Wednesday evening sessions are held at 6:00PM. The Montessori program is on Thursday night at 6:00 pm as well.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to warm up prior to the workout.  

Read this week's workout details here: This Week At Track 

See all the details and start registration here: Sign up for Coaching


MVS Walk to 5K Training Program Sunday 11/2 at 8:00 AM (EASTERN STANDARD TIME!)

Join Lisa Plume and her team to help mentor new runners as they prepare for this year's Feaster Five.  Meet us at the parking lot across from Woodworth Motors in Andover..

MVS in Action

It was another busy weekend at fall target races this past weekend.  This is a summary from Facebook posts this past weekend.  Please send me stories and/or pictures to make these a little more interesting.

Final Hosted Run 

We started off with the final weekly hosted run of the year.  Lisa Maciel hosted a fun Halloween themed run, with many folks doing the miles in costume.  Thanks to Lisa for hosting again.

Marine Corps Marathon

Several MVS runners went to Washington DC to run the Marine Corps Marathon.  Notable performances included Patty Masse's first ever marathon, Bob Lussier run for Team Chris again (with George Walk, Katie Sewicki, Charlie Nassar, and others), as well as Justin Chin. Congratulations to all our runners.


Green Strides Half Marathon

Many other runners either ran a relay or half-marathon at the Green Strides Half Marathon in Newburyport.  Congrats to all.