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MVS Track and Running Program

Get your running on TRACK this fall!



September 12th -  November 17th

Tuesdays and Thursdays  from 6:30 to 7:30pm


Tuesday nights will be held at a local track TBD

Thursday nights (Hills, Skills and Drills) will be held at the North Andover Common


$85.00/10 week session – 1 workout per week  

(mix and match, all participants may attend the workout they choose on a weekly basis)

$150/10 week session -  2 workouts per week

How do I sign up?

Register at:

MVS Fall Coaching - 10 or 20 Sessions


Contact Sharon at for information

About Tuesday and Thursday workouts:  

Both workouts are excellent workouts for ALL levels.  One of our main goals is to make sure that all participants receive workouts suitable to their level of fitness. We even offer individual video analysis and work 1 on1 to assure runners get all the help they need to meet their goals.

Thursday workouts can be used to compliment Tuesday Track workouts or as excellent workout alone.

Tuesday Track Workouts:

All workout are designed and coached by experienced RRCA certified coaches.

The workouts are designed to help you achieve your own running goals.  Some runners participate simply to improve their fitness and build self-esteem, others may be training for world-class events.  It doesn’t matter.  Workouts and coaches are available to help you achieve your goals, regardless of fitness and competitive levels.

Track workouts always begin with a warm-up.  Warm-ups include active stretching, drills to improve overall running efficiency, and strides.   The main workout is made up of a variety of interval sets designed to work on improving, speed, endurance, strength, and running form.  Workouts end with a cool down and a short group stretching session.

Thursday Hills, Drills and Skills

Why Hills?

Hill running naturally increases heart rate, which improves both your aerobic (endurance) and your anaerobic capacity.  Hills can be used as a form of speed-work because they can simulate the heart rate intensity of a track workout but without the actual speed of the track.

Hills also strengthen your muscular system, improving your running form.  Running uphill forces you to lift up your knees higher than usual, which improves stride length and speed.  
Downhill running helps you engage and strengthen your core muscles.

Why Drills and Skills?

Running drills can help improve your form, power, efficiency and overall athleticism by encouraging movement in varying planes of motion.   Drills include a variety of movements that may look a little strange at first glance.  These exaggerated movements emphasize important components of running technique that can be hard to isolate during an actual run.

  • improve communication between your brain and legs to help you become more efficient.

  • strengthen both the muscles and joints needed for powerful, fast running.

  • improve coordination, balance and proprioception to help you become a better athlete.

Over time, all of these benefits translate into improved speed. When you run more efficiently with greater strength, you’ll finish any distance faster.

Thursday Example Workout:


15 minutes of light drills to work on form weaknesses followed by 10 minutes of balance and light strength skills

Mains Workout:

Repeat x 8:

1 minute Uphill run @ hard effort

8 x Med ball lunges

1 minute Kettle bell swings

1 minute air squats

10’ Cool down run

Unsure?  Come try out the first one for FREE