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MVS Track Workouts

What’s It All About?     

First, let’s talk Fitness

We will be doing 4 types of intervals:

1) Short and fast distance intervals which will improve your leg strength  (200’s, 300’s, 400’s)

2) Longer distance intervals to improve your aerobic system  (1000’s, 1200’s, Miles)

3) Middle distance intervals to work on a combination of both the above  (600’s, 800’s)

4) Tempo intervals to work on improving your lactic acid threshold

Does that sound like fun?  Well, it will be!

We will be combining distances, effort levels, and recoveries to make sure the workouts are challenging as well as fun and motivating. We want you to improve your running, meet your goals, and enjoy the journey!

Workouts will begin at 6:30 pm with drills and stretching.  We recommend arriving 20 minutes earlier to get in a good 1.5-2 mile warm-up.

Spring Track session 1 scheduled to begin on 4/4/17 will be postponed to 4/11/17 and will continue for 12 weeks until 6/27/17.

Spring is a great time to get yourself into PEAK shape,  join MVS track,
team up with some of the area's Best Running Coaches,
and get it 

Spring Coaching - 4/4/2017

Striders Trail Run

Run with us for fun, camaraderie and a chance to get off the roads and on the trails..

The trails continue to build your strength and endurance as well as challenge your neuromuscular system.  Each workout is modified to meet you where you are with your training.  We will meet at a local trail.  The terrain and workout is appropriate for all levels.  Your regular running shoes and attire and a sense of adventure are all you need.

We meet Mondays 6:30-7:30PM and Thursdays 12-1PM 

Note: No class week of April 16. And no class on May 29th

Location:  Our first 4 classes will meet at the Wild Life Sanctuary at Phillips Academy in Andover.  Other locations may include Half Mile Hill and Harold Parker State Forest in North Andover.

Coaching: This program also includes training plans and support for your fitness goals.

Questions—please contact Coach Deanna Pomfret by phone (978) 590-9844 or email at


Striders Trail Run - 4/3/2017